The Siren - TuesMedia MoodBoard 001

The Siren - TuesMedia MoodBoard 001

Hey there, fellow creatives!

I am absolutely thrilled to share my latest creative endeavor with you all. On the 14th of December 2023, I embarked on a captivating journey with my very first installment of moodboards, this theme is called 'The Siren'.



The morning started with promises of sunshine, but the weather had a different agenda - it turned out to be quite windy! But hey, that's the beauty of chasing artistic visions, right? Embracing the unexpected. Despite the blustery conditions, my amazing model bravely plunged into the water, embracing the chilly morning and adding an ethereal touch to the shoot.

'The Siren' moodboard holds a special place in my heart as it marks the commencement the series of styled moodboard-driven project. It's a departure from my usual commercial gigs, allowing me to dive headfirst into creativity and expressiveness. I relish the opportunity to curate the styling, giving wings to my imagination and bringing unique aesthetics to life. 


This shoot, despite the challenges, fueled my passion for exploring diverse and emotive narratives through photography. It's just the beginning, and I'm already eager to delve deeper into more captivating and evocative moodboard shoots. Stay tuned as I uncover more stories and visual symphonies through my styled moodboards!

Here's to embracing the winds of creativity and immersing ourselves in the art of storytelling.

Catch you soon!

- Tues

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