Finally stepping back into Creative Shoots!

Finally stepping back into Creative Shoots!

Hey everyone!

Guess what? I'm thrilled to share my latest adventure - my first creative photoshoot in what feels like ages! 📸✨ We decided to kick-start the magic bright and early at 5 am on the 23rd of November 2023, hitting the beach with a burst of enthusiasm and fresh energy.

Let me tell you, collaborating with a fresh face was an absolute delight! My model was a natural, effortlessly rocking every shot. Working with someone so wonderfully in tune with the camera is a photographer's dream.

The beach provided the perfect canvas for our creative exploration. I brought along a few props—a chair and a mirror—just to sprinkle some magic into the mix. Oh, and can we talk about styling? I love curating outfits, and this time, the model rocked pieces from Little Collectors. Their clothes added that extra oomph to the visuals, bringing the whole vibe together.

It feels incredible to dive back into these creative shoots. There's a certain thrill in shaping moments and stories through the lens. And you know what? This shoot has reignited my confidence, making me all the more excited for future adventures and innovative captures.

Curious to see how it all turned out? Check out the snaps below and dive into the behind-the-scenes magic!


Can't wait to share more with you all soon. Stay tuned for the next chapter of my creative journey!

Catch you later
- Tues

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